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Do you want to stand out in your design project? Ask us about the special conditions for design and decoration professionals and create unique and surprising environments.

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We help you bring your interior design projects to life with the best quality furniture, materials and accessories on the market. Shall we talk?

Contact for professionals​

Do you want to stand out in your design project? Ask us about the special conditions for design and decoration professionals and create unique and surprising environments.

Contact for individuals​

We help you bring your interior design projects to life with the best quality furniture, materials and accessories on the market. Shall we talk?

First of all, you should have an idea of what you want to achieve in your bathroom. You can ask an architect, engineer or decorator for advice. You can also choose for yourself according to your tastes from our bathroom furniture and bathroom catalogues.

Whichever option you choose for bathroom furniture in Valencia, at Gibeller we have specialised staff who can advise you properly to achieve a spectacular space, taking into consideration the space you have available and your budget.

On our website you can already take a look at the new collections of bathroom furniture and accessories. We have basic bathroom furniture as well as more innovative proposals in cities such as Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, etc.

Gibeller’s bathroom firm adapts to all your needs. In our online bathroom catalogue you can find sanitaryware, toilets, modern washbasins, shower screens, bathroom furniture, home saunas, bathtubs, mirrors, taps and shower columns.

Equipping your bathroom is very easy with us. Choose the accessory or article that best suits you and visit us to buy it. On the web you will find the different models of bathroom accessories and products, their measurements and some indications.

If you need further advice you can contact us directly or visit our physical shops. Remember that the sales process is only physical.

First of all, we recommend that you take the measurements of the bathroom and note down the distance between the door and the various sanitary fixtures. This is important for choosing the right size of washbasin, bidet, bathtub or shower and toilet.

You can also consider the colours of your bathroom, as there are different colour ranges available. Use your imagination and choose the colours you like.

It is very important to adapt the bathroom if you live with children or people with reduced capacities. We also have adapted pieces that will make it easier for them to use.

What to choose: bath or shower?
This is a question that our customers often ask. The choice will depend on the space you have and what you want, as there are bathtubs and showers of different sizes that easily adapt to your requirements.

Showers are ideal for small spaces, for people with reduced mobility and also represent a substantial saving in water consumption.

On the other hand, bathtubs are aesthetically very beautiful, allow you to take relaxing baths and are ideal for children.

As you will see, it depends on your needs, your family’s needs and your tastes. Whatever you choose, you will find it at Gibeller.

What are the right colours for your Valencia bathroom?
It is important that you think about which colours you want to be the predominant ones, as sometimes changing a style involves renovations.

We recommend having two different variants. On the one hand, the background colours that are the ones that are maintained in the long term, and on the other hand, the colour notes that you can include in your decoration and that can be changed often.

If your space is small, we recommend light colours as they create a feeling of spaciousness. If you have an elegant space in mind, choose dark colours, combined in contrast with light colours.

Once you have defined the colours of the palette you can define the finish you want, which can be glossy for a luxurious ambience or matt for a more discreet and sophisticated ambience. The combination of both finishes can be very interesting.

What is the ideal material for the floor and walls?
The market offers a wide variety of wall and floor coverings.

The first thing to think about is how they work, as some floor coverings are more suitable than others. Stoneware, for example, is very durable and low-maintenance. Also the price/quality ratio is excellent; if your budget is limited, faux wood or vinyl is an option to consider.

Now if you plan to invest a little more, you can consider resin or natural stone (such as marble) or pebbles as they are very versatile and elegant alternatives for both floors and walls.

You should bear in mind that some materials are easier to clean than others, so we recommend that you seek advice. At Gibeller we have experts who can advise you on everything you need.

Another aspect to consider is the style you want to give your bathroom. For example, if you want a rustic bathroom you should choose wood as the main element; on the other hand, if you want a more modern or minimalist style you should think about materials such as concrete or microcement that give a futuristic look.

What are the ideal accessories for bathrooms?
As far as accessories are concerned, there are functional elements such as mirrors and towels, which cannot be missing in your bathroom, and others that are only decorative. Both will make a difference in your design. Accessories give character to the space and give a personal and distinctive touch to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is small you should consider not placing too many accessories so as not to overload the space. In this case, the colour combination of the towels will be an elegant and minimalist touch for small spaces.

An ideal decorative accessory to give a natural and fresh touch to your bathroom are natural plants, you just have to make sure that the plants you choose do not need a lot of natural light.

How important is good lighting in the bathroom?
It is vital and must be considered in the design phase of the bathroom as it is essential to keep in mind what type of lighting is going to be used, as well as where the lights will be placed.

It is best to have a balance between strong light, for when you need to see accurately, and warm light, for when you want to achieve a cosy and relaxing space, plus you can’t forget that it needs to be functional and practical.

What are the most popular styles for bathrooms?
There are several styles to decorate your bathroom, and although minimalist and modern trends are the most popular, it is best to choose the style that best suits your tastes and needs.

Minimalist bathrooms, which are very fashionable, revolve around the prevalence of only essential elements that are sleek and simple. They tend to have a lot of open space and the bathtub, sink, toilet or shower will be positioned efficiently. The design is sleek, modern, and the predominant colour is white. The philosophy of this style is “Less is more”.

On the other hand, there are modern bathrooms, where the use of colour and accessories are versatile. However, these will always include current design features that are in fashion.

A modern bathroom combines the attractive and the functional. It should be a stylish, relaxing, luxurious and serene space, a place to revitalise after a tiring day. The use of earthy materials such as wood, natural stone, marble and glass are modern and trendy elements.

Our experts can help you with everything you need to decorate your bathroom in Valencia, Alicante or Murcia. Come to one of our shops and we will be happy to evaluate your needs and find together the best option according to your requirements and your budget.

All our professionals are prepared to offer you the best service and the best quality/price ratio for our products. Our team will have the solution to all your requirements.

For us it is a pleasure to help you, do not hesitate to visit us in any of our shops, for sure, you will not regret it.

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