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If the plumbing is made of iron, we may have problems if the tap has to be moved. It is necessary to reach a junction to be able to make the new connection. It is possible that the union is not in the bathtub area. WE CANNOT KNOW IF IT IS IRON UNTIL THE BATHTUB IS REMOVED.

It is possible that there is a window in the bathroom, be aware of its location as it may not be possible to screw the screen against the window. Also, if the window is in the working area, the panel cannot be passed in front of it.

As for the corner pillar, it must be made very clear that it is a corner, if it is a different situation it must be dealt with during the visit by the technician.

The manufacturing time for a shower tray + panels can be around two days from the time the measurement is taken at the customer’s home. We will be able to assemble on that date, depending on the date of supply of the screen and tap (and accessories where applicable). If we have a lot of production, we will let you know in order to give you an exact date with more time.

VERY IMPORTANT: it is necessary to warn the client that our working hours are from 8.00 to 14.00 and from 15.00 to 18.30-19.00 hours. If it is necessary to finish, the working day can be extended. THERE ARE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE NOT LET US WORK UNTIL 9.30 A.M. OR FROM 7.00 P.M. ONWARDS. In this case, we cannot guarantee assembly within 1-2 days.

It is necessary to know if the property where the work is to be carried out has a lift, and if it does not, to know the height of the floor (we must estimate if there is an additional cost). If it does have a lift, it is essential to know if we are allowed to use it to move material, rubble, etc.

When the work on walls is only skirting, note that only the space occupied by the bathtub is panelled, it is possible that our panel does not coincide with the joint of the existing tile. If the client wants it to match, this will have to be taken into account due to the extra cost.

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