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From Gibeller we provide you with various options in terms of parquet in Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, etc., that exist in the market. From natural parquet, laminate flooring and exterior wood flooring that will give your home the warmth it needs. You can find out about our range of parquet flooring in our laminate flooring catalogue or shops located in Murcia, Alicante and Valencia.

Nowadays, installing floating or laminated wood flooring has left behind the old solid floors installed on rails or glued to the floor. Parquets have become the safest choice to provide the home with energy savings and unparalleled comfort, as well as the resistance and ease of cleaning the wood.

Professional architects, builders and decorators will find an extensive catalogue of laminated parquet flooring with various textures of wood flooring and colours in laminated woods, which provide the most natural aesthetics possible and will give a touch of ageing to the most elegant floor with these quality laminated floors.

The most characteristic types of laminated parquets we work with are: pine, ash, beech, jatoba, oak or walnut, each with different properties among them: durability, easy to install, requires simple maintenance and environmental benefits in manufacturing and construction, make the installation of parquet the most competent option to change the floor of your home to wooden flooring, or floating parquet.

Flooring of this material transforms a room instantly, adding style and character. Whatever species chosen will provide a unique look that never goes out of fashion, so expert decorators and builders will find the latest trends in wood to give their projects the personality they require.

Did you know that this type of flooring not only matures with age but also helps to increase the value of the property? An advantage to take into account if you are thinking of switching to parquet in Valencia.

And you, do you have wooden flooring at home? If you are thinking of installing it, we are the best choice, we take care of everything, offering you the best guarantee and quality in wood flooring.

One of the most beautiful floor coverings for your home, which combines design with the warmth that your home needs is laminate flooring or parquet.

That is why at Gibeller we offer you a variety of options that exist in the parquet market.We have natural parquet, laminate flooring and exterior wooden flooring that will make your home look elegant and distinguished.

Parquet flooring is ideal for rooms such as the living room, dining room or bedrooms, which are the places where you spend the most time every day.

They combine perfectly with the decoration and bring great beauty to any part of the house. Wood is an option that has always looked good with any decoration.

Not only must you take care of the floor, you also need to ensure that the finishes are first class, which is why stools or skirting boards are made of wood, which are available on the market plain or with a decorative element. They can be installed at different heights according to the ambience you want to create.

Mamperlanes add a touch of sophistication and can be installed in the same tone and quality as the chosen floor.

On the other hand, we have strips that can be made of aluminium or wood, which are used as a ramp between the parquet and the floor, giving a unique and elegant style to the decoration of your home.

Which materials to choose for installation?

The variety of floor coverings available to choose from is immense, from the most traditional to the most innovative, however the option that stands out the most is laminate flooring in Valencia.

There is a wide variety of wooden floors on the market, with different models, prices and accessibility. At Gibeller we offer you a selection of parquet flooring that will adapt to your requirements.

Wooden floors made of pine, ash, beech, jatoba, oak or walnut, all with great durability, easy to install, easy to maintain as well as environmental benefits in manufacturing and construction, properties that make the installation of parquet the most competent option to change the floor of your home to wood flooring, or floating floorboards.

These are pieces that do not require nailing or gluing, for this reason they are easy to install, given that as they are floating they do not require any building work, nor do they need to be in contact with the old floor, the only thing that is needed is that the floor is correctly levelled.

On the other hand, we can distinguish between those types of floating floorboards made from synthetic materials and those made from wood.

Which ones are ideal?

These pieces made of parquet are the safest choice, which will also provide the home with energy savings and unbeatable comfort. In addition to being very resistant and easy to clean

What types of parquet flooring are there?

Floating floorboards have a finish similar to solid wood, but do not require any maintenance, sanding, varnishing or any special treatment.

They come factory-finished and are installed using the click system, so no glue or adhesives are required, making them quick and easy to assemble.

At Gibeller we offer you Tarimatec® outdoor decking that remains unalterable over time and resists the most extreme weather conditions without deteriorating.

Which one should you choose for your floor?

Solid wood floating floors are much more expensive than natural wood because they are only made with a hardwood base.

Multilayer flooring, on the other hand, is a floor made up of several layers, where the lower layers that are not visible are made of cheaper types of wood (such as pine), while the top layer is made of hardwood.

Aesthetically they are of great beauty, act as a natural insulator, protecting the home from both heat and cold.

It provides comfort as the material is cosy and pleasant to the touch, as well as being hygienic as the floor will not accumulate dust mites or other allergenic elements. It is also very durable, requiring only a little care.

Where to buy laminate flooring in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia?

At Gibeller we offer you shops in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia,
where you will find the parquet, laminate flooring and outdoor wooden flooring you are looking for.

We have a variety of models of wooden floors that offer you the comfort and durability that your home needs.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to choose the models of your preference in our online catalogue, allowing you to buy online the parquet, laminate flooring and external pavements that suits your needs..

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