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Ceramics and Ceramic Floors

Ceramic floors for indoors and outdoors. Download our catalogues of ceramic and porcelain floors for your renovation.



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Do you want to stand out in your design project? Ask us about the special conditions for design and decoration professionals and create unique and surprising environments.

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We help you bring your interior design projects to life with the best quality furniture, materials and accessories on the market. Shall we talk?

Contact for professionals​

Do you want to stand out in your design project? Ask us about the special conditions for design and decoration professionals and create unique and surprising environments.

Contact for individuals​

We help you bring your interior design projects to life with the best quality furniture, materials and accessories on the market. Shall we talk?

Create a warm and stylish atmosphere in your home by opting for ceramic floor tiles and imitation wood floors at good prices and from the best brands. Designers such as Keraben, Pamesa or Natucer. In our shops in the provinces of Alicante, Murcia and Valencia you will find a wide range of prices for indoor and outdoor ceramics.

Ceramic floor tile is therefore a ceramic material, durable and easy to polish, which with heat is transformed into terracotta, ceramic tiles, kaolin, terracotta, terrazzo, stone or porcelain.

A component capable of turning every piece into a trend, ideal for use on ceramic floors, walls and in the world of decoration. A product widely used by professionals in the sector such as architects, decorators and construction professionals.

The prices of ceramic floors or floor tiles are very varied, which is why at Grupo Gibeller we offer you the best brands on the market and a wide range of prices for imitation stone ceramics. Visit us at any of our shops or select the one of your choice from our online catalogue.

You can also consult our other sections to decorate and improve your home. We have a natural stone section; a bathroom furniture section, where you will find all kinds of furniture and products for this part of your home; garden furniture for outdoors; decoration products and ceramic flooring; and kitchen furniture, ideal for modernising the most culinary part of the home. Combine your decoration with any type of ceramic flooring for ceramic floors anywhere in your home and enjoy a unique style.

Ceramic characteristics used in all types of surfaces

The convenience of application and its ease of cleaning are key to understand why it is one of the most demanded materials. Moreover, its versatility in design makes it possible to cover all spaces: ceramics that imitate wood, tiles in bathrooms, corridors with porcelain flooring or outdoor areas with outdoor ceramic tiles, rustic or stone imitation ceramics.

At Gibeller, we offer you an infinite number of floor ceramics catalogues to create rooms in any style, texture, colour, graphic motif and format that will fit perfectly with what you are looking for. These are increasingly sophisticated materials that will give your home a distinctive touch.

Among the advantages of using ceramics on floors or walls are that it is non-combustible, does not rust, is stable, refractory and resistant to chemicals.

There are as many possibilities as there are personalities, which defines us as the best option for our customers to choose us and create their own personal corner.

Types of ceramic floor tiles

Porous, made with thick, rough and permeable clay. Resistant to grease and gases. It is absorbent of humidity and when broken it is earthy. Mainly roof tiles and bricks are made from this material.

Compact, waterproof, does not absorb moisture, resistant to chemicals and its structure is microcrystalline.

Porcelain and thin slabs.

Semicompact, made with fine-grained clay, do not absorb moisture and are not very permeable.

Tenacious, made with inorganic materials, crystalline and fine grains, which are produced by the purification of the raw material, withstanding high levels of both mechanical and thermal stress. It is mainly used in the production of porcelain tiles.

Decoration with ceramic and porcelain floor tiles

Ceramic for floors, walls, bathrooms and exteriors:

In decoration it is used for the cladding of walls, floors, ceramics for bathrooms and exteriors. For these uses we have different collections:

“Vertou de Pamesa”; single-colour, elegant, neutral, ideal for covering walls at home and giving elegance to spaces, with neutral and soft tones. Available in indigo, mauve, marengo and white.

“Lounge by Keraben; simple format, with a romantic air and attractive colours for innovative styles. Enhance your spaces with colours such as white, mauve, grey, blue and cream.

“Evolution by Keraben”, large-format porcelain tiles for terraces or exteriors. It uses an industrial concept of cement with simple and minimalist creations, with all the properties that ceramic offers.

Ceramic or stone tiles

We have collections in different colours and textures, ideal for ceramic floor and wall coverings. We have different models of this type: “Sybaris”, “Beuval”, “Brancato”, “Jazz”, “Nature”, “Future” and “Priorat”. All of them will give a unique and uniform style to your rooms.

Emil Cerámica has tiles that reproduce natural stone in an elegant way, giving your spaces a contemporary style. The “Sugar White” model is ideal for minimalist and elegant environments.

From the same company, the “On Square” model will bring serenity and well-being to the room. Its Avorio colour will enhance the quality and beauty of the spaces.

The hydraulic models such as those offered by “Motina”, inspired by hydraulic cement, will allow you to create multiple combinations, with exclusive tiles to achieve warm atmospheres.

And for a retro-style atmosphere, the “Vives” line offers red-body stoneware floor tiles to give personality to spaces, providing elegance and originality.

Ceramic paving that simulates wood

Among the models that simulate wood, the “Castilla Madera” by Pamesa, made of porcelain stoneware, is available in cement, coto, cream, ivory and wood colours. The same firm offers us the “Kingswood Kings Deck” model, an ideal porcelain stoneware for flooring. It has a matt finish, is resistant and easy to install.

For an elegant environment, the Petrifed collection by Emil Cerámicas is an excellent option. Made with an exclusive material that will bring beauty to your home.

If you want a retro atmosphere, Natucer offers you the “Retro” model, in different formats, resistant, non-slip, available in cendra, terra, black and white colours, to combine with the decoration of your home.

The functionality of ceramics and the design of wood merge in the “Millelegni Scottish Oak” model by Emil, inspired by different trees on the planet, evoking the oak of Scottish liquor barrels, ideal for modern, natural and stylish spaces.

The Keraben firm also has wood-type models, such as the “Madeira” which can be used both indoors and outdoors, offering excellent value for money. The “Portobello” model in white, fresco, oak or walnut colours will add a touch of colour and style to your rooms.

Ceramics with a marble look

If you prefer a more sophisticated ambience, with marble appearance, the “Evoque” collection. Keraben is the most suitable. This porcelain tile reproduces marble with incredible naturalness, while maintaining the advantages of ceramic.

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