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Every home needs a minimum of furniture that allows comfort and functionality for all inhabitants. For this reason, it is important when purchasing furniture for your home, to review various home furniture catalogues that will facilitate the acquisition of practical furniture for the home that meets the requirements of your family.

To avoid buying what you don’t need, first make a list of the essential furniture according to your requirements, and then define the style you want in your room.

Keep in mind that budget is important, so analyse your finances and define an amount for furniture. Prioritise which home furnishings are indispensable and how important it is to acquire them as must-haves. Think about multi-purpose furniture that is functional and also has storage space and is decorative.

Take the measurements of the spaces in your home and keep them in mind when purchasing any furniture. The importance of the size of the space is vital not only for the furniture to fit inside the home, but also to avoid overloading the spaces causing discomfort and loss of balance.

Obviously there is furniture that is indispensable in every room, taking into account its functionality. When you decorate your first home you can opt for cheap home furniture, which you can replace later on.

For the living room, the first thing you need is a space to sit, you can opt for a large sofa, chairs or small sofas. This space will depend on how many people will be visiting you frequently and how comfortable you need to be.

The best option is a neutral sofa, as you can then add chairs or a second sofa to complement it. Classic styles are ideal as you won’t have to replace it as trends evolve. You can add a coffee table, although it is not necessary, it will provide comfort and functionality.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for some shelves for your books, a desk or an ergonomic chair if your work requires it.

In the main room, the most important piece is undoubtedly the bed, and a good mattress is a must. It is advisable to buy a good brand mattress as it will affect your health and your rest.

Nowadays the trend is to mix and match furniture, so don’t limit yourself to combinations of finishes and colours. Choose a bed and create a headboard. Another very useful piece of furniture in the bedroom is a bedside table that allows you to place your books, telephones and any other items you need to keep close by. They can be made of any material and preferably with storage space. If you don’t have a wardrobe you can think about drawers or cupboards.

The dining area only requires a table and chairs, although it will depend on whether your kitchen is integrated with a bar, in which case you can skip it. If your dining area is in a separate room, in addition to the table and chairs you can add a display cabinet as a decorative element.

The kitchen does not require a large amount of furniture, as you only need what adds functionality to the space. If you do not have much space, an island with wheels will be very convenient.

In the bathroom you don’t need extra furniture, however you can opt for a cupboard for extra storage or some shelves to place your toiletries.

Although we have already covered the basic spaces in your home, there are conditions that deserve special attention. If you have children you may require storage furniture for clothes and toys, however it will depend on the size of the wardrobes. On the other hand, if you work at home, you may need a desk and a good chair that will allow you to be as comfortable as possible.

This year’s trend in home furniture is greyish tones and neutrals, which will give an elegant and modern atmosphere to your space. Additionally, they will allow you to combine them with different materials and an endless number of colourful accessories, to make your home a very modern one.

Terracotta is another excellent option for living room furniture, as well as sienna or bronze tones. Orange in accessories will bring energy and vitality to the room.

At Gibeller we offer you a wide range of home furniture offers, from cheap home furniture to high-end models, as we not only have what you require in furniture, but we also offer you a group of advisors who will guide you on the home furniture that best suits your needs and budget.

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