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Furniture catalogues and prices

Outdoor furniture

Point Catalogue


From tradition to contemporaneity.

Since 1920, it has more than 100 years of history creating a global brand present in more than 70 countries.

The mastery of raw materials has managed to maintain the craftsmanship in pieces of high design and quality.

Point price list

Dedon Catalogue


Manufactured using the latest technology.

The ecological fibre used by DEDON is unrivalled in terms of strength and beauty.

Tailoring under the hands of the world’s most skilled weavers.

Dedon price list

Vondom Catalogue


A brand that takes care of every detail.

A Valencian firm that has expanded internationally.

A firm commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.

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Catalogue Prices
Seawater (Joenfa)

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Noble woods and natural fibres elegantly combined with metals, contribute to create natural and at the same time urban and avant-garde atmospheres.

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Skylinedesign (Joenfa)

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Nardi Catalogue


Nardi is an ambassador of Italian style in the world.

Resin outdoor furniture, suitable for residential and contract environments.

Nardi Contract Catalogue

Nardi Price Catalogue

Plus+ Catalogue


In an Italy made of projects, creativity and innovation.

It explores the expressive possibilities of plastic to achieve design, light and resistant products.

Plus+ Price Catalogue

Indoor Furnishings



Distinguished in the furniture world for its modular systems.

Design collections, with innovative solutions for made-to-measure furniture.

Novamobili is part of the Battistella Company, a group founded in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo (Treviso) and one of the most important Italian furniture and systems manufacturers.

Price list
Cabinets Novamobili

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Novamobili Dressers

Nidi Catalogue
(Juvenil Novamobili)

Precios Nidi Catalogue
(Young Novamobili) Part 1/2

Precios Nidi Catalogue
(Young Novamobili) Part 2/2

Vical Price Catalogue


Craftsmanship that bravely survives the age of immediacy and depersonalisation.

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Stua Catalogue


New classics carefully created with great attention to detail.

Fresh, timeless and innovative designs.

Durable furniture for a sustainable world.

Stua Price Catalogue

Vive Catalogue


High-quality modular furniture that invites you to experience the space.

Simple but with a personality of their own.

Vive price catalogue

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Sancal Catalogue


Eclectic style furniture with its own identity.

A customisable contemporary style.

Sancal Price Catalogue

Beltá Frajumar Catalogue


With extensive knowledge of production processes and experience in materials handling, they are capable of tackling any project.

Beltá Frajumar Price Catalogue

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