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If you are thinking of redecorating your bathroom, extending it or modifying it, we recommend you to consider the purchase of a bathtub. Surely Gibeller has what you are looking for. We have a variety of bathtubs, to suit all tastes and in different sizes, which will fit in with your remodelling.

You will find models made by famous designers, the latest materials, the most fashionable colours and taps that adapt to your requirements.

Our pieces are made with first quality materials, with a wide guarantee and with different sizes and models to choose from.


At Gibeller you will find an important variety. We have models with or without legs, built-in, with modern or antique design; some of our products have hydromassage so that you can enjoy a spa in your home.

Duravit’s Vero Rectangular Built-in Rectangular Bathtub has wall-mounted taps. Its backrest has an inclination of 30º and it has a wood look covering, which will make your bathroom a beautiful and special place.

To facilitate cleaning and repairs, it has a magnetic system. It is available in four sizes and six models, for one or two people. It has a Duravit hydromassage system.

With a traditional Victorian style, we offer you the model with Roxburgh legs by Victoria+Albert, which is larger than the traditional Victorian style. Depending on your wishes, it can be fitted with lion or modern feet. It is made of Quarrycast® in one piece of volcanic stone and resin, which is much stronger and more durable than acrylic. It is easy to clean and has a glossy finish. Its capacity is 200 litres of water and we offer a 25-year guarantee.

From the designer Massimo Farinatti, we offer the Divina model by Novellini. Among its features, the minimalism of its design and the special attention to detail stand out. If you wish to create a sense of peace and well-being in your bathroom, this is the right choice.

It has a waterfall-type bathtub rim tap and an anti-drip drainage tube. It also has a click-clack valve and headrest for greater comfort.

It is available in six sizes for one or two people and in the following finishes: White, Matt, White hout, Grain, Burlintong and Werge.

A sample of design, purity and style in your bathroom can be found in the Axor Patricia Urquiola model by Hansgrohe, designed by Patricia Urquiola for the Hansgrohe brand.

This unique piece has the designer’s charm and combines with the tastes of the clients and the objects selected for the bathroom decoration. Its sinuous lines, taps and accessories have many details that make it a very special and eye-catching piece. It has a capacity of 380 litres and is offered in a single size for one person.

If you require a model that offers you a hydromassage system to recover your strength and that is energising, the model for you is Mixed Hydromassage Sense 4 by Novellini. This marvellous bathtub regulates the air flow and has various programmes to suit all needs.

It is rectangular in shape and offers Whirpool/Airpool, radio, chromolight, bluetooth, on/off system independent from the rest of the functions and air regulator that ascends to the surface in a more direct and intense way.

It can be embedded between two walls, in a corner, in the centre of the wall or in the centre of the bathroom. It is available in four sizes for one person.

Another option with hydromassage is the Starck model by Duravit. This beautiful bathtub, designed by Philippe Starck, is ideal for small spaces.

In a more contemporary style, with new materials and classic elements, we present the Morphing model by Zucchetti. It offers multiple formal solutions with a wide range of models. It is available in two-colour versions (white and red / black and white).

If you prefer something more sophisticated and elegant, the Napoli model by Victoria+Albert, is precisely what you were looking for. It features a rimless design, overcomes comfort and facilitates access to the bathroom. It is perfect for any modern and contemporary environment as its design is very versatile.

It is available in white, matt white, glossy black, matt black, light grey, anthracite and stone grey, so matching the piece with your bathroom will not be a problem.

There are many reasons for acquiring them, among them we can mention:

  1. It is a very beautiful object, which has accompanied the human being since time immemorial, and will give a lot of eye-catcher to the bathroom. They are almost sculptural pieces of great aesthetic value, which is why they become the undisputed protagonists of the bathroom.
  2. Relaxing baths: you can only have a relaxing bath if you own one, you can use bath salts, foam or essences and enjoy a special moment in your personal spa. It is an excellent sedative at the end of the day and leaves all tiredness aside.
  3. Best for children: children will enjoy bath time immensely, the only problem will be that they won’t want to get out. For children bath time is usually a time for fun, games and splashing around, so it is the most convenient.

The best one is definitely the one that adapts to your needs in terms of space, colour, shape, with or without hydromassage, depending on what you want for your bathroom.

At Gibeller, we offer you everything you need to make your bathroom like a spa at home. The perfection and beauty of our pieces resemble sculptures, they are pieces without equal. We invite you to get to know all our models because there is a bathtub waiting for you.

You can also choose it depending on the rest of the elements in your bathroom. For example, in our shops you will also find bathroom-furniture, shower-heads, toilets, toilets, taps, mirrors or columns.

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