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Your home, in addition to all the traditional spaces such as the kitchen, living room and bathrooms, requires a modern and functional dressing room, which must be carefully designed and planned to make the best use of the space.

At Gibeller we offer you a variety of models to make your dressing room pleasant, comfortable, practical and functional.

A modern dressing room is a space that can have a luxurious style, with lots of dressers and cupboards, or you can opt for a minimalist style with just the right amount of furniture and few accessories arranged in a cabinet with drawers.

A modern walk-in wardrobe symbolises orderly storage with excellent interior design.

At Gibeller you will find the most modern models, design and made to measure and with excellent quality materials, you can also choose wardrobes with or without doors, as well as built-in wardrobes.

Gibeller offers you an online platform where you can find the dressing room that suits your needs, either to design it or to renovate your current dressing room. We offer you different models so that you have a comfortable and functional space.

Which colour should I choose for my modern dressing room?

At Gibeller we offer you a variety of colours for your wardrobe and dressing room. Colours have the property to have an impact on mood, so choosing colours for your dressing room is a bit tricky.

Colours should preferably be neutral, matching your skin tone a little bit. This will give you a realistic view of yourself in front of the mirror. Very bright colours could mislead you. .

If you like energetic colours anyway, we recommend that you choose a wallpaper in dark tones, which can only be on one of the walls. This way you will give it personality without losing the brightness.

You should always consider the right combination of colours and contrasts. Whatever your choice of colour for painting or wallpapering, it should always be of good quality.

At Gibeller we offer you tailor-made furniture that will adapt to your space, we even have corner cupboards, which are ideal for small spaces.

We recommend installing lights on the ceiling and on the front and placing a mirrored cupboard to save space.

Which design is best for my dressing room?

We have different models to suit your needs.
We have different models that will adapt to your space and storage needs.

The black model from the Line Söla series by Kallmar is an open model, with a modern and exclusive design that combines ergonomics with functionality, allowing you to achieve harmony between the individual and the space, offering good storage space and providing order and comfort.

This model is designed with open spaces and straight, elegant areas in mind. Its contemporary style is characterised by its ability to function as an independent piece, which is why it is made to measure.

This line has an endless number of finishes to create an original room with a very personal touch.

Also from the Line Sola Series by Kallmar we offer you the models Nogal 1 and Nogal 2 which allow you to create a diaphanous environment with horizontal lines that provide a sensation of spaciousness. They are custom-designed to make the most of the space to provide the best storage capacity.

The difference between the two models is the number of modules and the colour, but both models retain their elegance and impeccable design.

From Kallmar’s Unnen series, the Raised model combines aesthetics and functionality. These walk-in wardrobes are made to measure and their distribution and finishes allow design and functionality to be unified in an elegant and sophisticated piece.

At Gibeller we offer you the Raised 1 model, with a Linen finish, which has six modules and Graphite Lacquered panels; while the Raised 2 model, with a beautiful Walnut finish, has eight modules and Nexo Series doors with transparent glass; both models have integrated handles and different distributions, which will allow you to obtain excellent storage space and great functionality of the space..

Where to buy Dressing Rooms in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia?

At Gibeller we have shops in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia, where in addition to seeing our collection of modern walk-in wardrobes, you can count on specialised advice to help you choose the most suitable model, according to the space you have and your budget.

Gibeller also offers you the possibility to view the online catalogue of all our products, as well as to buy online what you require. In addition we offer you everything you need for your home renovation. Visit us in our shops and we will be pleased to help you.


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