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At Gibeller we have the best quality in the sale of natural stone in Alicante, Murcia and Valencia. We present you with the best materials to clad your home with this material that will create a unique environment as you can see in our catalogue.

The stone has been used over the years as a material for construction and for decoration. In new interior and exterior designs it is common to see natural stone floors, limestone cladding for facades, both for exterior and wall cladding made of slate, as well as limestone for landscaped areas. Flooring can be of this material both indoors and outdoors and we can even include garden fountains (in marble, for example).

The properties of natural stone include hardness, beauty and perdurability. Nowadays we can find different types of natural stone (marble, cladding, granite, slate, etc.), although not all of them have the same use. In order to use them properly, it is necessary to know them and their properties.

If we talk about flooring, fossil sandstone floors constitute a whole design atmosphere. It should be taken into account that each use of the material requires a specific type of covering. Just as when laying stone in the garden, on the surface of the worktop or in the finish of bathrooms, we must know the most suitable type for the use of the room.

Its variety of shapes, designs and colours offer you an almost inexhaustible game of combinations to create new effects in the decoration of walls and floors with rocks of natural origin that will make your home a unique space. Because a simple detail with natural stone mosaic pieces becomes the ally you need for a perfect and innovative finish in decorating cobbled kitchens, stone in bathrooms or in terraces and gardens with touches of rock. Presenting variations of infinite tonalities challenging the creativity of architecture, decoration and construction professionals. A new form of expression that allows them to choose from a range of combinable materials and colours, and gives them the ability to push the limits of imagination in interior decoration.

The new materials for cladding and flooring created with these small natural pieces will embody the personality, attractiveness and charm you desire in your home. Their mutability gives you the possibility of decorating columns, facades and exterior walls or redecorating furniture creating unbeatable decorative effects.

Look for the natural stone in Valencia that best suits your style and decorate your personal space with an art that comes from the most remote times to the present day with renewed designs, worthy of the most avant-garde decorations.

Stone is one of the oldest materials known in construction, even from very ancient times. This is a timeless element that can be used according to the customer’s requirements both in construction and in decoration.

In the market you will find a great variety of natural stone of different prices, sizes, shapes and colours, for interiors and exteriors. The choice of the most suitable one will depend on the style you want to impose on your home and your budget. The price of natural stone, as we have already mentioned, depends on the shape and material chosen.

What types are there?

At Gibeller you have the option to buy a wide variety of stone panels, which are sure to fit your requirements and budget. You can select from Slate, River Stones, Transit Paving Stones, Stone Slabs, Stone Mosaic, Sandstone, Basalt, Limestone, Quartzite, Marble Stone, Irregular Stone and Fossil Stone.

What are their properties?

The three most important properties of this material are its quality, durability and elegance. In addition, each of the pieces has a particular beauty, which blends perfectly with nature. It has a diversity of textures, colours and finishes for every use. It combines perfectly with both old and modern buildings.

Appects to consider when choosing natural stone

At Gibeller we will help you choose the most suitable for your environment. Our recommendation is that both the colour and the design is the most suitable for your needs; that it is ideal for the space required, that it is available in the quantity and time frame required and that it is affordable or within the customer’s budget.

As an element with excellent properties of hardness and resistance as well as for its price it is ideal for facades, it is also suitable for interiors, it can be used as flooring and cladding or cladding in different environments such as the kitchen for worktops and floors; also in the bathroom for sinks, bathtubs, interior walls, floors and even furniture, which guarantee excellent durability and are easy to clean. It can also be used in rustic fireplaces, as it is a very solid material.

Furthermore, at Gibeller we have a wide variety of models that will allow you to choose the material that best suits your needs and buy the pieces that fit your budget. If you have no idea which one to choose, we offer you a team of advisors who will guide you to make your choice easier.

For floors both outdoors and indoors we recommend slate, which is an insulating material against both water and cold and is perfect for kitchen, bathroom or outdoor floors; quartzite, available in smooth or rough textures and with a wide variety of colours, is ideal for rustic and outdoor floors such as terraces or gardens.

Sandstone is the best option if you live in a humid place. They are very resistant to corrosion, wear and erosion and have a very elegant matte appearance; river stones, are suitable for creating spaces with an original and natural touch, can be used both outdoors and indoors; limestone, whose porosity and resistance to erosion are excellent and marble stone, with immense durability and different shades. All without exception of excellent quality and you will find them in Gibeller with the best stone price.

Advantages of this type of stone

It is the material of choice for architects and interior decorators alike due to its many advantages, among which are:

  • Ideal temperature: it is able to absorb temperatures without deteriorating.
  • Resistance: temperature changes do not affect it.
  • Elegance: due to its variety of colours, shapes and textures, it gives a great elegance to environments and also increases the value of the properties.
  • Acoustics: vibrations will not pass through the structure or return in the form of an echo.
  • Comfort: it generates calm and natural atmospheres that will inevitably have an impact on people’s quality of life.
  • Comfort: it generates calm and natural atmospheres that will inevitably have an impact on people’s quality of life.
  • Ecology: it is 100% ecological so it does not harm the environment.
  • Savings: it will allow you to reduce heating costs due to its thermal properties, as well as in repairs as it is a highly resistant material.
  • Practicality: you will not have to worry about maintenance, painting or scratches due to minor impacts.

Where to buy natural stone in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia?

Where to buy natural stone in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia?
Although there are many sellers of natural stone, only at Gibeller will you find the best quality/price ratio. We have shops in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia, where you will have personalised advice from experts who will make your choice easier and clarify all your doubts.

In addition, on our website you can enjoy our catalogue and even buy any of our products online. Among them you will find the latest in kitchen products, everything related to bathrooms, all types of parquet and ceramics.

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