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    Kitchens, bathrooms and flooring shop in Murcia

    Azarbe del papel ,1 (Esquina Juan Carlos I) Murcia 30007 / Spain

    968 27 11 92

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    M-F: 9:00 to 13:30 / 16:00 to 20:00
    Saturdays: 10:00 to 13:30 by appointment only.

    More than 90 years with you

    More than 90 years making home projects a reality. Walking hand in hand with innovation and development to offer the latest market trends, always adapted to the tastes and needs of our customers.

    Author's designs

    The design of a product depends, to a large extent, on the involvement of the person who creates it, which is why we are committed to signature designs in which the designer's imprint is impregnated. A personal stamp is enough to highlight and enhance each of the products.

    Professionals in the sector

    At Gibeller we give as much importance to the projects as to the people behind them. For us, architecture, renovation and construction professionals are part of our own gear, which is why a large part of our work is focused on offering them at all times that which ensures the success of their work.

    In addition, commitment is an essential element. The Gibeller shop in Murcia works and manufactures all its products in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. It cares about its customers, and about the world.

    Above all, customer satisfaction is paramount. For this reason, in the Murcia shop, Gibeller is committed to innovation and exclusivity, offering an ideal place for professionals to meet and decide their new project. A place of comfort with sofas, televisions, projectors, refrigerators and much more where you can comfortably present your ideas and find the best option.

    Nobody better Gibeller Murcia to offer you comfort, tranquillity, options, and time so that you can decide, express yourself and buy correctly. A privilege that you will not find in any other shop. And that will make your purchase unique and pleasurable.

    Gibeller Murcia is a reference point along the Mediterranean coast for the purchase of wall and floor covering materials, for the purchase of kitchens, or the purchase of bathrooms throughout the Region of Murcia. More than 90 years of experience make it a unique company that identifies with high design and quality. It also stands out for its innovation and adaptation to new technologies. A brand that brings modernity to traditional construction, architecture and interior design.

    It also has a catalogue on its website with more than 200,000 products ideal for its customers. No matter what tastes, styles or product you are looking for, Grupo Gibeller has it in its shop and makes it available to its customers. Thanks to its technology and innovation, customers can visit the catalogues on the web.

    In addition, it is also possible to request a quote on the spot via an online form. A shop where you can buy from bathroom or kitchen furniture to paintings or decorations, even spas of all kinds perfect to please future consumers. Consumers can see all your products whenever and wherever they want.

    Showroom of Gibeller's shop
    in Murcia

    The Murcia shop has an extensive and varied showroom perfect for any type of home. Gibeller specialises in exceeding expectations and achieving the dream home for each and every person who has visited the shop.

    The perfect place to have new architectures and very careful and exclusive interior designs. Grupo Gibeller Murcia is committed to trust and good relations with all its customers. Perseverance, effort and visionary character have been key to achieving its great reputation within the construction market. A business curriculum that has been recognised with different awards since 2000.

    More than seven different points of sale where you can buy products related to construction and interior design. Among high-end kitchens, high-design bathrooms and ideal spas. A team of experts ready to assist and advise anyone who needs it. Redecorating a home is now easier than ever in Murcia, thanks to the presence of the leading company in the sector in the capital of the Region of Murcia.

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