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Do you want to stand out in your design project? Ask us about the special conditions for design and decoration professionals and create unique and surprising environments.

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We help you bring your interior design projects to life with the best quality furniture, materials and accessories on the market. Shall we talk?

Contact for professionals​

Do you want to stand out in your design project? Ask us about the special conditions for design and decoration professionals and create unique and surprising environments.

Contact for individuals​

We help you bring your interior design projects to life with the best quality furniture, materials and accessories on the market. Shall we talk?

The use of paints is well established in the decoration techniques as one of the main resources, one of the tools that never disappoints and that always offers great possibilities. As painting a wall is becoming more and more accessible to all kinds of people thanks to the tools available, it is common to see how there are many people interested in giving a new colour to the interior and exterior of their homes. And they don’t just fit well on walls, as they can also be suitable for other surfaces as shown by the trend of painting kitchen units to give them a more personalised look.

There are two factors that we at Gibeller place special emphasis on so that all our customers can acquire the paint with which to give colour to their homes: quality and good price. We make sure we have the best products to satisfy even the most demanding customer. On our website you can find our complete catalogue to check and see what you need, while to make your purchase you will have to visit one of our physical shops. In them, a team of professionals who know all our products will attend you with the best attention to offer you the best in paint.

When we consider how to paint a room, we may sometimes think of alternatives, such as the use of vinyl or wallpaper. But in reality, opting for damp-proof paint or any other type of paint provides us with a series of advantages that are irrefutable. The first of these lies in the easiness it provides to give a new colour to any type of instance. As we said, nowadays there are perfect tools that help us to paint more quickly and easily. And whenever we want we can change the colour by repainting over it, which always opens up a wide range of possibilities. In addition to this, paint colours are very versatile due to their variety and versatility and offer us great creative options so that we can paint in the way we prefer.

Buying paint will be a wise decision because we can use it at any time and even paint the furniture and all the elements of our home. Paint for tiles, for example, is very popular and shows that if we start to give a new style to our house there will be no part of it that remains unpainted.

In our catalogue we have all kinds of paints that you can buy comfortably, such as chalk paint, which has become one of the most popular. Also known as chalky finish, this type of acrylic paint offers a faster drying speed than usual and can be applied to all types of surfaces. For example, it is commonly used as a wood paint, resulting in high quality finishes.

Another type of paint that is in great demand is anti-humidity paint, which creates an impermeable layer on surfaces so that humidity or leakage does not affect the paintwork or the surface. It is very effective in preventing the appearance of mould over time or stains caused by damp. The plastic paint is also very efficient in the painting process because it does not spread odour and because it dries at a good speed. With this paint, there is no need to be afraid of scratches or dirt, as it can be washed off with water.

In addition to these types of paint, synthetic paint, one-coat paint, effect paint, bathroom tile paint and others are also frequently used.

At Gibeller we are specialists in the sale of paints and we know all the ins and outs, as well as the tips that you can apply to each of your jobs to give your home the best look. This is something that our professionals will share with you when you visit our shops if you ask them. So we can tell you how, for example, wall paint, although it is mainly used on this type of surface, can also be used with very good results in other parts of the house. We can use it to paint tiles, as floor paint and as cheap furniture paint instead of other alternatives.

Trendy colours for walls 2019

The colours chosen by major bodies such as Pantone for 2019 include the Manta palette as the main reference and trend of the moment for paint can sales. Colours such as beige, grey and old pink are combined with the intention of bringing together the spirit of minimalism of Japanese origin in a clear combination with Scandinavian influences. It is a combination of colours that fits perfectly in any type of environment and that stands out for its balance, providing a mixture of tones that are warm but at the same time cold tones that make a very good team.

Other colours that are trending at the moment are green, coral and earth tones, as well as the combination of browns and blues, giving rise to very good choices if we are thinking of acquiring vinyl paint.

How to paint a wall

Painting a wall with Bruguer paints or any other good brand is not as complicated as you might think. First we have to leave the wall empty by removing everything on it. Plug the sockets and cover the floor. We fill any holes in the wall that may have been caused by nails. And we make sure to tape up the areas of the wall that we don’t want to paint. Then we clean the wall with sandpaper or a duster if there is dust. And from there we start painting with the roller, always starting from the top and working our way down. Paint as much as necessary until the surface has been covered. And if any part is not well painted because it is an area that is difficult to access, we can use a small brush to do so.

How many coats of paint do you need to apply to the walls?

As we said, we have to make sure we paint until the surface is well painted, but we should not rush. We will apply a coat of paint first and wait for it to dry. At that point we will have to decide whether to apply a second coat depending on how we see the result. Sometimes we will not need it, while at other times it will be obvious that more paint will be needed. In any case, wait for the second coat and do not think that you can dry both coats simultaneously, as this is a common mistake.

How long does it take for the paint to dry?

A reasonable waiting time is six hours, but this should be on a day when there are no adverse factors that will cause the drying time to be prolonged. These factors include that it is not raining, that it is not excessively hot and that the volume of humidity is not high. With these factors, the drying process can easily exceed six hours.

How do I calculate the amount of paint I need?

We need to know the measurements of the space to be painted. To do this, multiply the height of the instance by the base of the instance. This result will be the square metres. For example, we may find that we have a painting surface of 10 square metres. Based on this, we should check the performance of the paint we are going to buy and bear in mind that these are estimates. The final operation will take into account the square metres of wall, divided by the performance of the paint we buy and multiplied by the number of coats we are going to apply.

Without doing mathematical calculations we can add something extra. The first coat we will use it as the main source of paint for the surface, while in the second coat we will put less paint, as we will use it to finish it off, to obtain a homogeneous surface and for everything to be perfect.


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