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Do you need to renovate the image of your home? Are you moving and you are thinking about the interior decoration of your new home? Don’t you know where to start? Choosing the ceramic floors for your new home should be one of the first things you do. But for you to do it betting on the best quality, at Gibeller we make it easy for you with our flooring catalogue.

Find any type of flooring, we have indoor and outdoor flooring to suit all your needs and the shape of your home, so that you get a completely personalised atmosphere without sacrificing the best materials on the market.

Don’t know which floor tiles to choose for your home? Ask us without obligation and get a totally renovated home by choosing only the floor paving.

At Gibeller we take care of every detail. Find everything you need for the interior decoration of your home with the maximum guarantees of design, quality and functionality to make your home a unique space designed for you.

We have different flooring options, both indoors and outdoors. Choose between ceramic, parquet or natural stone flooring and renew the image of your home in a simple way.

Are you an interior design professional? We help you to carry out any type of design project so that you can make your clients’ dreams come true with floor tiles that are unique for their quality and finishes. You will achieve an elegant and highly aesthetic home with our interior and exterior flooring.

When it comes to interior decoration, few elements are as important as floor coverings, as the choice of one type or another will be key in determining the image of our home as a whole. Are you looking for patterned floorings, simulating wood, ceramic tiles, etc.?

Depending on our taste and our needs, we can choose between many types of floor tiles, regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor flooring. Find among our catalogue the perfect floor tiles for your home and create unique and design atmospheres.

We know that the choice of one type of flooring or another is important and has great implications for the overall image we want to offer of our home. However, it is important to discern between internal and external flooring.

Are you aware of the importance of choosing between one type of flooring and the other? What is the difference between them and why should we have both types of flooring in our home? It is not so much an aesthetic question, but rather a functional one.

Inside any home there are different conditions to those that live outside. Even inside a house, depending on where you are (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room…) there are different properties that need to be controlled in a different way. This is why it is necessary to have separate indoor and outdoor flooring.

Interior flooring

We already know that interior flooring is one more decorative element to take into account when designing our home. And, depending on where we are, we will choose one type of flooring over another.

Thus, both its design and its finish, materials, durability and resistance will be key factors that will determine which floor tiles we will choose for the different rooms in our home; depending on their own characteristics and needs.

In our catalogue you can choose between ceramic, parquet or natural stone flooring, according to their aesthetics, functionality, resistance and maintenance. Ask us about your possibilities and create excellent atmospheres with our high quality interior floorings. What style do you want to achieve? Rustic, minimalist, modern, classic, contemporary, etc?

Outdoor paving

As with indoor flooring, external pavements goes beyond aesthetics and attractiveness. In this space, the choice of flooring becomes even more important due to the great climatological and environmental changes that they undergo throughout the year.

In outdoor paving, we must focus on the materials and finishes, taking into account these changes, as well as other elements such as swimming pools. Are they resistant to humidity? Are they able to withstand extreme temperatures (both high and low)? Are the pavements non-slip?

These are some of the factors you should take into account when choosing outdoor flooring. Visit us in Alicante, Altea, Denia, Alcoy, Murcia, Mazarrón or Valencia and we will advise you on the best possibilities for your outdoor area.

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