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An excellent alternative for your home garden is artificial grass, as it requires no maintenance, it will always look impeccable and you will find a wide variety of models that will meet your requirements in terms of both price and quality.

Among the advantages is that it adapts to any space and can be installed on any surface such as the garden, the terraces, the balconies, the play area, the pool area and even indoors.

It reduces the presence of insects and pests, as it is synthetic and does not allow them to lodge in it; it is anti-allergenic, bacteria-free and does not require maintenance; it does not depend on weather changes and always looks green and in perfect condition.

At Gibeller we will help you choose the grass that suits your needs according to the use and space you have available. We offer high, medium and short fibre garden grass, in different sizes and of the best quality on the market.

The high fibre models, with sizes between 40mm and up to 60mm, are ideal for areas of moderate use, characterised by their lushness, comfort and treading comfort.  They are high-end models that perfectly simulate natural grass and have a high degree of recovery. This type of grass is recommended for gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools and green areas in general.

For gardens, pet play areas, private and public swimming pools, green areas, terraces and high standing restaurants, the medium fibre models are suitable. Their sizes range from 30mm to 38mm, they are products of great resistance and recovery and their appearance is lush.

If you require a high resistance grass, the best option is short fibres, whose sizes range from 15mm to 25mm. They are ideal for high traffic areas such as terraces, balconies, commercial areas and pet areas.

We also have special grass for sports areas with the technical specifications required by each of the disciplines. You will find specific grass for Football, Padel, Golf and Multisports.

We also have grass specially designed for children’s playgrounds, which can be used in play areas, nurseries or areas that are usually used by children. This type of grass is available in various colours, is fireproof, anti-allergenic and very soft.

If you have pets, you won’t have to worry, artificial grass is the favourite of pets, easy to clean and highly resistant, so they won’t be able to damage it.

Natural grass is very beautiful, weather permitting, because in summer it burns, requires a lot of water, as well as the services of a gardener and the use of chemical products for its maintenance. In rainy seasons, the garden fills up with unpleasant puddles and the natural grass deteriorates. It has to be constantly watered, mowed, weeded and is home to a large number of insects, so the maintenance costs are enormous.

On the other hand, artificial grass, does not require much maintenance. Its maintenance only consists of a brushing, with a hard bristle brush, which is used against the fibres to remove dust or debris that may be present. If you wish, you can use a little water to cool the environment on very hot days or to remove excess dust. It does not harbour any kind of insects or bacteria. It is also fireproof and has an excellent drainage capacity so it will not generate puddles in your garden.

How is artificial turf sold?

Artificial grass is sold in rolls, and you can buy as many metres as you require and the price per square metre depends on the model you choose, as there are differences between high, medium and short fibre models. However, all our products offer the best price/quality ratio and have a ten-year guarantee and certificates that guarantee the quality of all models.

Undoubtedly the best is that it adapts to your requirements, because depending on the area where they will be installed, the use of the same and your budget, at Gibeller we offer you the right model that meets all your needs.

Where to buy artificial grass in Murcia, Valencia, Alicante?

You will find the best artificial grass on the market at Gibeller. Visit our shops in Murcia, Alicante and Valencia, where you can admire our product display and choose the artificial grass that best suits your needs.

Only Gibeller offers you the best deals on the market and you can buy both cheap artificial grass and high-end models.


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