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Extractor hoods for kitchens. At Gibeller you can buy ceiling extractor hoods and decorative hoods. Download our extractor hoods catalogues.









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One of the essential elements in a kitchen are extractor hoods, as they fulfil essential functions. Some of these functions are: eliminating grease suspended in the air, absorbing fumes, steam and odours. In addition, they filter everything and extract the air from the space where they are located. Therefore, at Gibeller you will find many alternatives to suit your needs.

When installing a hood of this type, it is important to know the space in cubic metres and the use it will be put to. As well as the natural ventilation of the kitchen and the route of the pipes, if necessary. Depending on our situation, we will have to choose a model with one extraction capacity or another.

There is a wide range of extractor hood models on the market. These include integrated extractor hoods, built-in extractor hoods and telescopic extractor hoods, very powerful and silent. We also have extra-flat extractor hoods which are very discreet or extractable extractor hood models.

At Gibeller, we offer you all types of extractor hoods. In addition to a variety of design and modern models that will adapt to your kitchen. At the same time, they will give a touch of unparalleled elegance and fulfil their primary function.

When choosing a cooker hood, there are several factors to take into account. Depending on your needs, it is best to choose between the price of conventional or more innovative pando hoods. In our shop you can find all kinds of models that will perfectly match your kitchen.

The Pando E-217 is a decorative ceiling-mounted cooker hood. It has enamelled and white glass. As well as decorative LED lighting on white gloss glass, which gives it a clean and elegant design that blends in perfectly with the kitchen ceiling.

If you want a hood that does not need to be recessed and also does not require discharge ducts, the Pando E-225. It adapts to your requirements, it also purifies recirculation air and has the QUICK FIX SYSTEM quick installation system.

Another model in the same line with ceiling installation is the Pando E-230 in enamelled and white glass. It stands out for its functional design and sober style with built-in LED zones to make your work in the kitchen comfortable.

The Pando E-235 ceiling-mounted Pando model has LED lighting with independent work that gives design and brightness to the work area.

Elegance and discretion will come to your kitchen with the Pando E-240 ceiling-mounted model. This beautiful extractor hood blends in with its surroundings with a decorative light appearance and also has all the extraction power characteristic of the Pando line.

For an elegant and technological style, the Pando E-290 model is decorative and ceiling-mounted. It has LED lighting on both sides of the hood and is designed in gloss white glass.

With a minimalist, sober and elegant design, we offer you the Pando E-295 model, which is a decorative ceiling-mounted hood made of Full Inox. It has LED Lighting / LED Lighting that integrates perfectly into any environment.

The model Pando E-295 has a unique feature, it is automatic retractable and reaches a height of 50 cm, much higher than those on the market.

Its finish is innovative and elegant, made of textured stainless steel and it also has LED lighting. In off mode, the hood is perfectly flush with the worktop.

For an island, the perfect model is Pando I-826 island extractor fan. Ceiling-mounted, with black front and decorative LED lighting, which combines perfectly with the other appliances.

A perfect combination of stainless steel, DuPontTM® and LED lighting, we offer you the Pando P-417 model. This slim, sleek and elegant design perfectly complements any style of kitchen.

A modern and functional touch in your kitchen is achieved with the Pando P-730 model. Its style breaks with the more horizontal lines of today’s kitchens. The control panel is hidden behind a double sheet of black and white glass. It is a last generation piece that works simply by sliding your fingers.

A sober and minimalist design is the Pando P-740 model. Decorative, ceiling-mounted, with a glossy black/white glass front panel, which can be personalised with silk-screen printing for a very elegant appearance.

With a classic design, the model Pando P-803 incorporates the latest suction, lighting and operation control technologies. It adapts to very large cooking areas, ensuring excellent suction results.

With the front panel made of DuPontTM Corian®, backlit, combined stainless steel and DuPontTM Corian®, we offer the Pando P-915 extractor hood. It has an avant-garde design in which the tray hides the filter system, achieving a unique and compact style. It combines perfectly with worktops made of the same material.

The Pando P-930 model has integrated body and filters. It is designed in a single block that unites the hood body and filter tray. This gives it a unique condition and great decorative value. It incorporates a new system for easy extraction of the filters from the upper part of the hood body. It has an ECO motor and LED lighting that guarantee maximum energy efficiency.

Choosing these models for our kitchens is a wise decision. Given that the main function of this element is to reduce or completely eliminate bad smells and gases when cooking. Although it also has its aesthetic side.

But on many occasions, extractor hoods produce a very annoying noise that can be uncomfortable while we are cooking. So choosing silent models is ideal for this. In addition, if we choose high-powered models, we will be guaranteeing the removal of fumes and unpleasant odours.

You can also choose them according to the aesthetics of your kitchen. We have different models and styles available. You can buy them to match your furniture, worktop, kitchen appliances, sink or taps. Furnish your kitchen to your taste.

At Gibeller we have shops in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia, where you can see the exhibition and admire all the models available. We also offer you the possibility to buy online all our products. We also have specialised staff who will advise you on which is the right model for your kitchen.

Put yourself in the hands of our experts and make the most of every space in your room. You will be able to enjoy your kitchen like never before. Our years of experience and our professionalism will help you choose between the best options.

FAQs about cooker hoods


Can the noise of a cooker hood be eliminated?

Noise can be eliminated from a cooker hood?
To reduce the noise of the cooker hood, it is advisable to choose quiet models. It is not advisable to modify conventional extractor hoods, as this can lead to malfunctions.

Types of cooker hood filters

These types of extractor hoods can be classified according to the materials of which they are made, or by their functions. In other words, they can be metal or carbon filters. And in turn, they may allow smoke and odours to escape (these are the most common) or they may not.

This element is very important in the operation of an extractor hood. Because the filter retains and reduces the concentration of particles in suspension when the hood absorbs cooking gases and fumes.

If you choose a cooker hood with a fume outlet, the filter is usually made of metal and is more visible. So it also has an aesthetic function. There are also other models that recycle the air and do not expel it. In this second case, the extractor hood has a visible metal filter and another one inside that is not visible, which absorbs the particles that generate the odour.


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