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There is no doubt that vintage is on trend, and not only in fashion, but also in interior design. Retro atmospheres are a style of interior design that is increasingly gaining a lot of weight in the decoration and construction sector. And a clear example of this is hydraulic flooring, which is back to stay.

Are you looking to create elegant, designer, unique and visually appealing environments? This hydraulic ceramic floor is what your home needs.

The evolution of technology in recent years has repeatedly shown that unimaginable objects can be manufactured to make our daily lives easier. Also in design and construction, and although the hydraulic tile dates back to the 19th century, over the years, this ceramic has evolved into what it is today.

Hydraulic flooring has adapted to the new times and to people’s needs, becoming one of the most widely used ceramic floor tiles for the decoration of any environment and with the advantages it has over other types of materials and finishes.

Don’t you know what is meant by a hydraulic tile? Hydraulic flooring is also known as hydraulic tile or hydraulic stoneware and is nothing more than a type of paving made of compressed pigmented cement.

It was traditionally made by hand to decorate the floor or walls of homes to create eye-catching and stylish environments. Above all, the hydraulic tile was used by families who wanted to give their homes their own personality thanks to the mosaics of this type of ceramic.

The hydraulic floor is a classic type of flooring perfect for any indoor or outdoor area and at Gibeller we have different types of hydraulic tiles to design your own compositions and decorations. Do you want to make the most of it in your home? We will help you design your home with high quality materials. We adapt to your needs and requirements.

The evolution of technology has made it possible to create, improve and adapt new types of hydraulic tiles to the current needs of families, as well as to other external factors. In particular, unlike traditional hydraulic flooring, which was highly porous, today’s hydraulic tiles are much less porous and allow for easy cleaning and daily maintenance.

The spaces in which hydraulic flooring has the greatest impact or is most used are the kitchen and the bathroom area as it has an incredible resistance, durabilityand adaptabilityto humidity or temperature changes. This type of hydraulic floor is non-slip and of high quality so that it remains in good condition for much longer.

These are some other advantages or benefits that are contemplated in the hydraulic tile:

  • Versatility: there are many different designs in colours and shapes. At Gibeller we have the Azulej. Mutina and 1900 Vives Cerámica. Moreover, they can not only be used as flooring, but can also be included in the walls, creating unique spaces.
  • Easy maintenance as the hydraulic floor does not require a lot of care to keep it in good condition from the moment it is installed.

Are you looking for a retro design for your home? Do you like old designs but don’t want to give up the comfort of modern materials? Then at Gibeller you will find the hydraulic floor you are looking for for your home. Discover our hydraulic tiles and turn your home into a unique place of great style and elegance.

Tiles. Mutina and 1900 Vives Cerámica will create in your home an interior decoration with an incredible retro-modern design. Surprise your guests with our hydraulic floor tiles!

Find in Gibeller the best ally for the decoration of your home with our high quality materials and finishes. You can buy any of our products online, just dive into our catalogues to choose the pieces you want for interior design such as hydraulic tiles.

Although we also have physical shops in Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Denia, where we offer personalised and professional advice from our experts to make your choice easier and clarify all your questions.

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