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Nowadays, if we are thinking of decorating our walls, the main resources we will have access to are wallpaper, vinyls and photo murals. Each resource by its own characteristics has become a perfect way for us to give a perfect style to our home. If you want to enjoy a resplendent home that will leave your friends open-mouthed, pay close attention to everything we are going to tell you about these three resources.

Cheap Wallpaper Online

At Gibeller we are specialists in marketing the best quality and cheap wallpaper. On our website you can find a catalogue that we have created in great detail and that contains all the wallpaper products that you may need. Once you have found the wallpaper you like the most, all you have to do is go to one of our shops to buy it. We can assure you that we have a huge variety of wallpaper and that we are sure to have the model you have dreamed of to personalise your home.

There are a series of reasons that become fundamental factors that lead us to understand the advantages of using wallpaper on our walls. Wallpaper has a high level of exclusivity in its designs, given that it offers a wide variety of styles that would otherwise be impossible to have on our wall. There are so many options that it doesn’t matter which style we like, because we are sure to have one that fits our preferences. Depending on whether we want wallpaper for the bedroom or for other rooms, the styles will be so diverse that we will be surprised.

Another advantage is that we will really be able to give our children’s rooms a fantastic look thanks to children’s wallpaper, which has very fun and imaginative styles. Our children will dream and live a thousand adventures thanks to the excellent designs designed for them on their wallpaper.

Let’s not forget that the decorative wallpaper is easy to put up and we don’t need any knowledge to do it. We will feel great when we have finished the job and have the house customised to our particular style. The same kind of ease applies to wallpaper when it comes to cleaning. We can forget about the hassle of stains on the paint on the walls, as cleaning wallpaper is very simple.

In the personalisation of our home the decorative wallpaper gives us a lot to play with and opens up great possibilities for personalisation. We can take advantage of the optical effects offered by some specific paper designs that have been created to surprise. In fact, we can create all kinds of combinations so that each part of the home is personalised and so that, for example, the living room wallpaper is very different from the kitchen wallpaper we select. Last but not least, online wallpaper is very flexible and can be placed in any space regardless of its size.

As wallpaper has become a common habit in our society, it is normal that there are many types to choose from, such as vinyl wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, textured wallpaper, self-adhesive wallpaper or wallpaper that uses a textile base. Some of the most common styles among them include brick wallpaper, which gives the house a very elegant style. The aim of this style is to give the walls of the house that classic cottage feel that we like so much, but with the particularity that the designs tend to go for very bright colours.

Geometric wallpaper is also highly effective and is another common type of wallpaper. It is based on geometric shapes that add a lot of volume to the wall. And in the top of the most popular wallpapers is also thevintage wallpaper, with which the house recovers a style of past decades to transmit a very pleasant atmosphere to the residents.

Decorative vinyl wallpaper is suitable for all rooms

One of the most in demand is vinyl wallpaper, because it is useful as bathroom wallpaper and for any other type of room in the house. It is very flexible and versatile, to the point that we will observe that with it we obtain perfect results in the rooms, in the living room, in the bedrooms or in the kitchen. It is one of the types that most emphasize that, as we said before, we can access to children’s wallpaper for children’s rooms.

Decorative vinyl wall stickers

Wall decals are a different resource to wallpaper, but equally efficient in the process of decorating walls. This product derived from plastic and colloquially defined as wall stickers, fits well on any type of surface and offers high durability and attractiveness. They are used to decorate surfaces with designs which, thanks to computer technology, offer great possibilities. Their versatility also makes them recommendable in cases where we have very specific design ideas in mind. And they are ideal if we want to decorate children’s rooms with images and designs that remind them of their favourite characters or concepts that all children like, such as animals or princesses.

Wall decals are divided into three main categories: adhesive wall decals, soap and water wall decals and electrostatic wall decals. In the first group of personalised wall stickers are the adhesive wall stickers, which are, moreover, the most popular. Until they are used, they are protected by a paper that hides the sticker surface that sticks to the wall, although they can also be used as furniture stickers. The texture of these vinyls is very variable, with great personalisation in the designs and many different applications.

The second place is occupied by decorative wall stickers for water and soap, which owe their name to the fact that they require these two elements to stick them. Their main advantage is their resistance to adverse weather conditions and direct contact with the sun, making them the ideal wall murals and vinyls if we intend to place them outdoors. They are also ideal as kitchen vinyls because they have this added capacity of resistance to heat and rougher environments.

Finally, there are the electrostatic vinyls, which use neither the combination of soap and water nor adhesive. In fact, their method of application is the use of static electricity, which is generated when two related elements come into contact with each other. The best place to put them are smooth surfaces such as glass or shop windows and windows, being also a good option as vinyl for kitchen and tiles.

Including these different types, there are very varied styles that are very popular, such as 3D vinyls that provide a lot of depth wherever they are placed, although they stand out above all in exteriors. For children, children’s stickers have become a frequent resource, allowing them to decorate their rooms in the most original ways. And the phrase stickers are also very famous, in this case fitting in any type of environment as long as we choose wisely.

Can they be used on other surfaces?

As we have indicated, vinyls for kitchen furniture are very common and are increasingly used as a resource to add a touch of originality to the furniture in the house. To the mainly plain colours offered by the brands that manufacture furniture, you can add these decorative kitchen vinyls and achieve very original styles. The ease with which they can be applied, and even for sticking and removing them when necessary, makes them a product that fits in perfectly if we want to personalise each of the pieces of furniture. For example, the vinyls for fridges and vinyl for doors are very famous, providing designs that offer depth and lead to the whole home having a very personalised appearance.

How do you apply self-adhesive vinyls?

The simple explanation for placing decorative stickers in children’s rooms or anywhere in the house is that we must choose the right place, calculate the measurements, glue the sticker and fix it carefully. But in reality there is much more to it than that, especially if we want the sticker to be properly applied and not leave any wrinkles or bubbles. First we have to clean the wall or surface, making sure that we do not use ammonia for this, as it is not recommended. Then we have to decide how to apply the vinyl, dry or wet. Depending on the type of surface you can choose one system or the other, but wet application will be easier.

We start by putting some water with a spray gun mixed with a drop of detergent that will create the liquid solution we are looking for. We shoot the spray gun at the wall and the vinyl and we start to stick it with the help of a spatula using a movement that goes from the centre to the sides. If at the end there are some bubbles or wrinkles we will have to wait. Normally they are absorbed by themselves and if after a few hours they are still there we can remove them by applying a little heat on the vinyl.

Custom-made and cheap photo murals

The 3D photo murals are large prints on photographic paper that allow us to give our home decoration an irresistible style. Their size, the quality of the print and the depth they bring to the rooms where they are placed will make us feel that we are being transported to those places when we look at the images. Made-to-measure photo murals are very widespread and allow great flexibility in the sense that we can see the photos we like the most materialised in the size we need. They can be made up of several pieces of a smaller size that once joined together do not allow the separation to be seen and give the option of covering large spaces in homes.

Cheap photo murals allow you to quickly decorate any home in an original and innovative way. Their advantages also include being a very effective resource for dividing instances between which there are no walls or building partitions. For example, landscape wall murals can be an effective way of dividing a kitchen from a living room between which there is no partition.

Where can you place them?

A personalised mural can be placed anywhere in the house. The trend in terms of its adoption began with the placement of decorative photo murals in living rooms and bedrooms in view of how eye-catching some photographs can be. But over time, wall murals have also found their way into other areas of the home. The flexibility of their size also makes them a good recommendation for bathrooms, where wall murals with a depth effect are a big hit.

And the same goes for kitchens, where wall murals and wall stickers have the advantage of bringing them to life. Cheap decorative wall murals are water-resistant and easy to clean, which is one reason why they are also popular for use in children’s rooms. Thus, children’s wall murals are currently in great demand by parents who are looking for original decorations for their children’s rooms.


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