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An ideal complement for your bathroom is, without a doubt, shower enclosures. These versatile pieces will give elegance and sophistication to your space. In addition to avoiding splashes and puddles in the bathroom.

There is a wide variety to choose from on the market, including frontal, rectangular, with hinged doors, with fixed sides, for small spaces or for large areas. The diversity of models adapts to your needs, even if you have children or people with reduced mobility.
What are the best brands of shower enclosures?
In the market several companies offer models that adapt to your needs and at Gibeller we offer you the brands Novellini and Lasser whose quality standards are excellent and which offer a wide variety to make your bathroom look like a spa.
Queen Rex model by Lasser
The Queen Rex model by Lasser, with hinged door, is very useful for small spaces. They are made to measure with 8 mm tempered glass doors and fixed elements in 10 mm tempered glass and offer a gloss or matt finish. They can be given the aquanet anti-limescale and anti-stain sealing treatment, which will increase their useful life and make cleaning easier. The hinges are designed in stainless steel to guarantee their durability.
Rose 2M model
Novellini presents the Rose 2M model which can be adjusted to different measurements, avoiding the expansion of the wall profiles. It is available in a Chrome finish. Among its qualities is that it is free of pollutants, 100% ecological, and has anti-limescale and anti-bacterial qualities. It has two sliding panels designed with transparent glass, in a transparent chrome colour and with glass in transparent, satin, Rose 1 screen print or Rose 2 screen print to choose from. Its handles are made in chrome or glass according to your needs and preferences.

The style of this beautiful model is contemporary and the profiles are available in white, chrome or silver. It is designed for large spaces and will give your bathroom a very sophisticated touch. The width measures 116 to 182 cm, with an access width of 43 to 73 cm and a height of 200 cm. The thickness of its glass is 6 mm.
Vera Ibiza 4
The Vera Ibiza 4 shower enclosure by Lasser is designed with a fixed glass and a sliding door in line. The 6 mm tempered glass can be transparent, metallised, with customised designs, screen-printed, or in colour, making it a highly recommended option due to its versatility in terms of decoration.

The upper door guide is made of extruded aluminium and has a door release system for cleaning between panes. In addition, the sliding door has a bearing system with height adjustment to correct possible misalignments, which is very practical.

The material of the profiles, the upper bearing of the sliding door and the joints is stainless steel, guaranteeing its useful life. It offers gloss or matt finishes, according to your choice. All the models in this line can be given the aquanet anti-limescale and stain-resistant sealing treatment to increase their useful life.
Young 2B
With a very elegant air is the Young 2B model by Novellini which has transparent glass as well as aqua, satin finish. The profiles are available in white, silver, gold chrome, to suit your needs and your bathroom décor.

This model can be adjusted to size to avoid the expansion of the wall profiles, has no pollutants, is 100% ecological, anti-limescale and anti-bacterial. It has an innovative system for opening the shower front by means of two 180º hinged doors that open both inwards and outwards.
Gala H.
For open spaces, the most recommended model is the Gala H by Novellini. This beautiful model will allow you to enjoy the environment at the same time as you come into contact with the water. Its style is contemporary and it is available with white and chrome profiles with 8 mm transparent glass or with Ravenna silk-screen printing. Its size is 200 cm.
Monday 2.2 HP
With a design that integrates style and functionality, Novellini offers you its Monday 2.2 2HP model so that design is present in every detail of your bathroom, making every shower experience unique. It has two panels, one sliding and one fixed, additionally it has a customised fixed side panel that will allow it to adapt to your needs.

It is quick and easy to install and has a silent sliding system and a door extraction system that makes it easy to clean. The glass is available in transparent, aqua, niva or Monday 2.0 screen printing and the profiles are available in white, silver, chrome and silver.
Riba Collection
The Riba collection by Lasser, with 180º pivoting doors, also allows the opening to be fixed at 90º towards the exterior or interior. They are made to measure and both doors and fixed elements are made of 8mm tempered glass.  The fittings are made of stainless steel and the glass can be transparent, standard tinted, customised, special screen-printed, all of which can be given an anti-limescale and stain-resistant sealing treatment. Buying the Riba model by Lasser will make your shower a unique experience.

Specially designed for bathtubs, the Young 2.0 model will give a touch of exclusivity to your bathroom, filling your space with style. It is made up of two folding panels, with white, silver or chrome profiles and 6 mm transparent, Aqua or Satin Fosco glass that will give that elegant touch to your bathroom.
What to consider when buying a shower enclosure online?
When purchasing the ideal complement for your shower or bathtub, it is important to take into account that it adapts to your needs in the first place. Additionally you should consider that the opening system suits the space available, as you can choose between folding, with pivoting doors, depending on the area. An important element to bear in mind is the quality of the profiles and bearings, as their quality will determine their lifespan.

The quality of the glass is very important, as it guarantees stability and safety. For sliding doors, 6mm is ideal, and for fixed panels, 8mm or more. You should also consider the glass finish depending on your requirements. Transparent glass gives a feeling of greater space, preserving your privacy without sacrificing light. However, the options of screen-printed or even decorated glass are a choice that will depend on your taste and needs.

Last but not least, the glass should have an anti-limescale treatment, as it repels water, prevents limescale incrustation and facilitates cleaning.
Where to buy bathroom furniture in Valencia, Alicante and Murcia?
In Valencia, Alicante and Murcia, Gibeller offers you branches where you can select the bathroom screen that best suits your needs, in terms of space, variety of models.

Take a look at the rest of the bathroom products in our catalogue. You can find bathroom furniture, saunas, washbasins, toilets, taps, mirrors, shower columns or bathtubs in Gibeller.


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